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About Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC

We provide win-win situation to get homeowners out of sicky situations.... Like Foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, Probate or anything else, At Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC, we focus on providing a solution to your situation, so you can continue to do the things you love or spend your time on things that matter most.

Quality properties of Northwest Florida LLC, is a real state solution company based out of Pensacola, Fl. We're family owned business and focus on helping homeowners in Escambia county Fl, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa county, like find solution to your problem whether you're facing Foreclosure, Tax delinquency, divorce, probate, tired landlord, or simply your house needs a lot of repairs and can't afford fixing it to put it on the market, or any other reason or hardship you're facing, we will make sure to help you out in the best way we can.

You're not alone when you're selling your property.

You're not alone when selling your property in Escambia county, Santa Rosa, or Okaloosa county, we will give you our best fair cash offer if you want to sell your property in Florida in cities like, Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Cantonment, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Niceville and more... There's a lot of curve balls life throw at us nowadays, we do understand the frustration you might be going through in any situation or hardship you're facing. In each situation there's a unique strategy you could use to sell your house if you're upside down on your mortgage or if the property needs a lot of repairs, lenders won't lend the money to the buyer because the property they're using as a collateral got some issues, lenders want to guarantee that they get their money back from the property just in case if the borrower couldn't afford to make the payments for whatever reason, because buyer after all not using his money to buy the property, and banks in it for the interest and to gain more than what they could ever give. leaving the homeowners waiting to close on his house, in many cases just to let him know few days before closing they couldn't because the property got a little mold on the sheetrock in the utility room, after keeping the seller waiting for few months, or the property didn't appraise to the amount you're selling the house, in this case you have to go down on your price to the appraised amount. Lenders use appraisal to determined the selling price for your house which a lot of times is not accurate, WE USE COMPS (COMPARABLE SALES) TO DETERMINE THE OFFER WE GIVE TO THE HOMEOWNERS NOT APPRAISAL. The reason why we use comps in the areas your property located at is because appraisals are wrong a lot of the times, but comps are accurate.

If you decided to keep your property in Escambia, Santa Rosa or Okaloosa county and you want our opinion about what to do in your specific situation, we will be glad to give you a suggestion that can be help to you.

We buy properties in any condition..

-Do you own unwanted rental property? -Did you inherit unwanted property? -Do you need to relocate quickly? -Are you going through a divorce? -Do you own vacant property? -Do you want to avoid paying realtor commission? -Do you own a "fixer upper" that you don't want to fix up or don't have time to fix up?

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